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Do you know they make beer in Austria?

Brew – Edelweiss Snowfresh Weissbier 5% ABV, 330mlEdelweiss Snowfresh Weissbier

BrewerBrau Union Osterreich AG


Country – Austria


Austria is probably more known for its Schnapp’s and wine then beer, but they do make it!  The most common style of beer in Austria is Märzen which is almost equivalent to an English Lager.  Pils, Bock, Dunkle, and Weissbier are popular as well.  Austria has around 70 breweries but the number is growing slowly thanks to Micros,  nothing like the brewing revolution that is going on in North America though.

About the Beer – It pours a nice foggy golden colour with a nice head that has staying power.  The aroma was of banana, clove, citrus, and pepper spice.    The flavour was of orange peel, banana and some flavour I could not quite place.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, very nice beer although I am not a fan of the extra sugar they add.


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